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tv   [untitled]    March 16, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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iran's banks get booted out of the global payment system but fears growing in europe that the sanctions could backfire on the even ations. folks ride on whether he says envoy kofi annan is finding and bringing world leaders together on a solution to syria's twelve months of turmoil. and thousands of egyptians protest against police negligence and it's well frustration over how the new leadership is failing to bring change.
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and you watching r.t. a very warm welcome team today well our top story iran is facing a further isolation as the world's biggest electronic banking system swift pester cut off the dozens of financial firms blacklisted by the e.u. it's part of a broader effort by european nations who also plan to impose an embargo on iranian oil this summer to pressure iran over its nuclear program but their first reports the measures are nothing to back. spain is among the biggest importers rainy and oil but all that. come into force in july spain has until the end. of crude supply but a bad all around thing a real risk to the country that found out how you'll play rainy and oil. prices are on the rise and there are fears that they're about to be even higher with the
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iranian oil embargo eliminating the e.u. employees ban comes as the west's been making waves runs nuclear program it's getting around while revenues in the country to the bargaining table even assuming that the case against iran is strong the sanctions right now. exercised by countries like spain or greece or italy that much those countries more than it will damage iran was countries like france and britain and fortini of very small percentage of iranian oil and supported the band because she's struggling less economically right now spain greece and italy they're going to feel the effects of the sanctions the maced because we can't risk losing traction for the u.s. because he's still the foreign minister actually said it was a huge shift in the sixty five percent stake in the nikkei even if.
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you could be you know something we could be forced to make the decision once you get in a healthy economic situation a rise in oil prices might be problematic coming at a time when spain is on the brink of a second recession is proving a nightmare for the population. it's terrible that we should pay for decisions taken in brussels is not known for but certainly not for simple residence. certainly should trigger a rise in prices we should follow the example of us to tighten our belt and keep the issue of nuclear weapons a punch to revive our economy. of course i'm afraid because they're already too high if they go anywhere and won't be able to afford. attempts to come fears about a rise in prices have been made very arabia says it's good enough oil to make up for the loss of around supply when the invalidate comes into force they can she's like things still be paying the price of loss trade with iran and the cost of
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replacing the oil contracts ironically think imports of oil from iran have increased since the back libyan war now the prospect of his thirty's with iran is causing huge concern. prices relations due to sanctions can be corrected and problems will come if. the real concerns. now countries like spain elected the . situation. despite western measures iranian oil is still finding its way to such as india that's why next in line for u.s. sanctions to be one of washington's most important allies. dot com for the white house for its push to tighten the screws on terror and its partners. where he runs most powerful group is to get an update on the syrian crisis from
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point. joins us our of the peace mission breathe new life into stall security council talks in the. audience. joins us live now with more on this and just how much hinges on the mission. well as you say the former head of the united nations kofi annan will later today friday greif the united nations security council via video conference from his office in geneva he will be updating the conference on the latest for god in his proposals that include an immediate halt to fighting humanitarian access to civilians who have been trapped by this violence and also critical dialogue within syria and now last weekend was in damascus where he met with the syrian president bashar assad and opposition leaders and he came on record after that visit in saying that the door for dialogue is open the syrian government has indicated that
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it has responded positively to announce proposals and this weekend they will be a humanitarian mission from the united nations that will be led by the syrian government in damascus to assess the situation on the ground as far as the play is in the u.n. both you have a split with washington france and britain on the one hand and russia and china on the other hand has put the blame behind aside and they are calling for his resignation they are pushing pressure on him and they have said that his days are numbered in moscow on the other hand backed by the chinese have said that he needs to be blame shared between the regime and the opposition parties and that that by putting pressure only on one side i calling for one sided sanctions and at the same time mulling some kind of foreign intervention is only going to escalate the crisis moscow has insisted that it needs to be established who exactly are the leaders of the various armed factions and that they too need to be brought into the fold of
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dialogue and almost one has stayed that announced proposals and needs to be backed by all international players and certainly this effort by kofi annan is the latest attempt to resolve the soon quizes diplomatically. but they also use middle east correspondent support to slow. thank you. you had a few this hour including unveiling the enemy two years after accusing alleged whistleblower of bradley manning are aiding and named facto government prosecutors from the say it is it's a case against the soldier. later we take it to you catherine. precious business cutaway russia's new rules its next stop closeups it. there's still deep rain here in egypt with thousands gathering in cairo over a football stadium stampede which killed seventy four people last month dozens of
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people have been charged with murder and negligence a former security chief and a police officer. reports it's just compounding the despondency of revolution that was meant to bring better lives. the revolution happened just around the corner these streets are really closer to here and have always been and if i mention interests of the city but over the past year with the protests sporadically breaking out these shopkeepers have seen their lives now just and their livelihoods broken repairs and cleanup in the wake of protestors clashes with police brought many businesses to a halt meaning they're already small income was hit. after the revolution there's been last work because of all these events we shut down early and go home because there's no business we have to stay closed for several days immediately following the uprising on january twenty fifth last year. the security situation in the egyptian capital remains on easy in fact many residents say right now it's even
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worse than it was at the height of the uprising last year there are one out of every two people you meet in the street under the age of twenty five who doesn't work. and this is the potential for the angry unemployed youth often choose to sweep in after the protesters losing and stealing from damage shops. everything we have here other businesses in the neighborhood are also looted all houses on this street or near tahrir square either broken in or rob everyone suffrage in an attempt to keep the protests under control the government installed cement walls blocking off the area around the top tier square it may have made things easier for the police but it's only made matters worse for locals here in the barricades they've built on the streets they've really affected us as well as the huge protests we haven't worked for some days since and afterwards had to clean up a lot. yet most egyptians believe the main problem is not the mess which follows
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the protests but the absence of jobs which turns many desperate people into looters it was the country's flailing economy which forced thousands out into here square in the first place their first slogan that was here in paris where was the word bread because it was. it was actually. in the long. term all of that around bringing more jobs to people and food on their tables but as things stand more than a year after the uprising even those who did have a livelihood are now struggling to stay afloat in. cairo. while news as well when he wanted to act as if we've got yet another. occupy protesters headquarters in miami for security forces still no movement and
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children living legally. influence. the room the city customers and the restaurants. i mean based on the fifty fifth floor that it.
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was. the u.s. led strategy in afghanistan is taking. beating from both sides with those coming from the afghan government and a town about as mr militant group has suspended peace talks in washington describing america's position in the conflict as erratic and vague. president also grounded on the nato campaign calling on forces to leave the rural areas. of sixteen civilians american soldier instance has intensified calls for the exit of eighteen troops because i don't think he's forced to take control of security by next year later by twenty fourteen next hour cross-talk heads from experts and take
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on america's military strategy and when we talk strategy strategies military this country doesn't succeed when it uses its military if somebody fights back except for world war two when you go through all of the other wars we don't have the staying power we're not going to get that staying power ultimately we're going to leave if not this year then next to the year after and everybody knows that whatever you want to. hear. what about pale of allah. i was just you know these are already being asked to go to a stand but have no eating history if you look at all the places where the u.s. military has intervened it's been a story of remarkable stability in all these places don't resemble switzerland necessary but iraq as a nascent democracy it's violent we exit it too quickly kuwait is free persian gulf oil flow those are very interesting narratives you can see that there are three or
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if you look at the instances where we've. gretchen you want to jump in you want to disagree. i just want to say that you're wrong i'm saying when people fight back we don't do well. an attorney for u.s. soldier bradley manning who's accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of pages of classified information has asked a military judge to dismiss the charges he argues the government mishandle certain documents in the case also ritual for autism and they said they were enemy and he's charged with assisting. if convicted soldier could face life in prison a spokesman for the group supports who. would have been subjected to punishments. they can make these claims and go on with this fear mongering as they have been as much as they want but they're entirely baseless and we know that they're baseless
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because we know for a fact that the government conducted a number of internal impact assessments that found that the wiki leaks materials did not pose any threat to our national security that our troops were never put in harm's way it reminds me of growing up in school going to civics class you know you learn these basic concepts you know trial tends to proceed punishments you know that these are basic foundational concepts of you know western law and justice and that's been completely thrown out the window in this case and that's a clear violation of his eighth amendment rights that's a clear violation of articles one in sixteen of the un convention against torture that's a treaty that has been ratified by congress in accordance with the constitution and these really aren't optional standards these are basic rules of the road that the administration needs to play by and if they're not able to do that then they're not qualified to govern. but i second that now it's what else is making news around the
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world the south survivors and relatives of the victims for tuesday's it's with a bus crash are returned to brussels probably members as they are trying to forget about the ones who died when their coach little boy sawed a tunnel killing twenty eight people mostly children one of the young survivors reported seeing a dramatic change of thinking he did just before the crash which police estimate. hungary is a prime minister has attacked the european union addressing a crowd of at least one hundred thousand and depressed he accused brussels of colonialism disrespecting his country's sovereignty with the fearing its domestic affairs the e.u. is concerned over changes to hug area in the war which is seen as undermining the lot missing persons and is already taking actions against hungry for its excessive budget deficit. we're time now to explore one of russia's the biggest cities and what it has to offer in close up.
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nestled in the mineral rich your own mountains you katherine burke has always been then across the country for its precious stones but big industry had metal on its mind but it may have been. brought in are reports that took the shine off the jewels. from its beginnings as an outpost of the fledgling russian empire yet a terrible word has grown up as a city which exploited the mineral wealth of the ural mountains it's gone on developing on that line throughout its history and it's those themes the exploitation of the region's rich mineral wealth which i've been examining in my report the fairy tale of the mistress of copper mountain it tells of the mysteries of the legendary greenstone malakar it hidden in russia's ural mountains but now
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a kite is not alone this looks like a pile of rather dull mountain rocks but step over here when we have water we can see something of these rocks natural beauty these are the stones of feel the legends and fairy tales of the urals and they also feed the still hands of local craft these men are cutting and polishing precious stones and sheep among the treasures the most famous greenstone of them all emerald. it should be large one hundred percent translucent with dimming properties being color quality and weight it also depends how often the precious stone is found in nature. most of them will find their way into do re and display pieces but as synonymous as these stones seem with the urals the vast majority don't even come from russia in europe no one worst locally developed precious stones here it's very
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sad and i even feel a sort of being because they judaism is built around the stillness it's not the urals the short of these gems quite the opposite in fact precious stones were so easy to find while the cottage industry grew up here around them that nobody bothered to invest much and so vain what deposits exist let alone extracting know and once metals were discovered such as a really i'm which is used in military applications little was thought of destroying the emeralds in which it's normally found. there are still thought to be enormous deposits of emeralds and other precious stones within the euro's and no matter where they come from the region still has craftsman that spend their working lives creating masterpieces from who knows maybe one day of the mistress of copper mountain allows it and these marvels in stone could be made from a part of the country they represent with me to discuss
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a little bit more about yucca terran burke's past and its development as the capital of the urals is maxime hummock of he is vice rector here at the ural federal university. if we start off back in the past the discovery of the huge mineral wealth that there is around here perhaps you could talk us through the developments of the city from its early origins right well the the history of mining here into the ocean here goes down to the late seventeen early eighteenth century and we can track it up to remove experimentally one of the most to reach people here in russia and they built a lot of factories here you know not only in your kitchen were bought in the region and then in thirty's you're into salvi it's a who in the consumers they created a lot of heavy engineering tractor is you know so this was the era
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of stalin's industrialisation so we take that up too if we'll call it the region's moments of crisis really after the fall of the soviet union in the ninety's and the region i think it's probably fair to say found itself a bit lost. well of course when you have so many you know factories and then you know the whole economy collapsed you know the the city was in the crisis and then the whole region was in crisis it's actually even gold to whale who think asia lost the criminal capital of russia in this time and for the moment i think strategy of raisins as they go through business is working quite well thank you so much in home a call from the university here you can turn burke has been a city that's never been afraid to push business opportunities whether they come
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from the ural mountains or from all that the shopping malls that are springing up here and it's that future that will be looking at the development of your turn bird in the decades to come. tom gardner reporting there well tomorrow we wrap up our jerry to you catherine road but more from the rules to come up later today with our intrepid adventurer sets out to explore another major hub in the city of. for this kind of business from going to know it is going to hungry shoppers stealing the show isn't it exactly that's right and what a great all going crazy or. very very is what else could it be i mean they knew this was going to be easier action but even when you see the thousands of people lined up on the streets sleeping overnight it never fails to shock people so excited about this one and i can tell you that it's it's the third generation is the third one and apparently it's got a better screen according to apple a better camera although it's not knowledge as
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a revolutionary product in other words it's other particularly new about it's been launched in ten countries so far and the cause has boosted apple shares to an all time high of the world's most valuable company have jumped forty five percent this year. now apparently one of the reasons behind that is that a lot of companies a lot of big companies are talking about using it corporate use so using it in their companies so you imagine that's a lot of sales that they get from from that kind of you know so that's exciting now as far as russia is concerned the markets are indeed now i can have a look at the figures and it's a weak starts as you can see yes i mean both democratic simply lacks negative really i will check out the stocks because some figures to see who are the biggest losers if we check out asia we can see that the losses very much came from that part of the world as you can see flats negative again there a lot of that has to do with the fact that the yen which has been weak really helps
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our exporters this week and that's why we see strong gains is now stronger so therefore exporters are doing quite some brown let's head over to the u.s. and see that they had strong gains there's been a lot of positive sentiment coming out of the u.s. this week has been sizing growth in the next few quarters we've also had. seven session as well we had strong. as selfish as we have the non-farm payrolls were positive as many people want that payroll money which means less income improvement goals as well this is an interesting one so it's the least bullish in two months so this is largely because the federal reserve will not be buying more debt and has a knock on effect on the. prices as you can see for now is that margin the op but in general terms it is indeed a low price of gold if we move on we can see that we've got our oil prices oil is
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dominating the headlines this week as you can see prices are strong of u.k. prime minister david cameron is saying that it's now time to dip into. this will have to be agreed by the u.s. resident so we're waiting to see what he's going to say today and now we have no confirmation on the matter. from one of the leading a. he said the global economy is in real danger because of these biking oil prices and that is the real arrests at the moment he's saying that the conflict between israel and iran is the deciding factor so as we know as you say plays in july we're going to be monitoring that as i say next hour i'm going to have the stocks of russian stocks and see how they're faring that so for now join me in about fifteen minutes.
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cultures that so much diminished visitation are you trying to hide from the market for a killing spree by u.s. soldiers the burning of korans images of creation of taliban forces the u.s. says it remains committed to its right. close up she was
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being killed you were down the street where the floor my floors are made and can be tested to the limit. if. not all are she goes to the europe. where blacksmithing has developed from a craft into an industry. where rough logs turn into words of beauty. and where a village called news paper hides amid the forests welcome to the last grecian russia close to. where the end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. in the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake special it sounds a little nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. but because of a difference to use it. all. you know if you keep spinning
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a trillion dollars a year on weapons of eventually you're going to blow everybody up you can't you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see it people don't wake up to nuclear weapons or a bill. that represents all the firepower of the second world war and this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. the first.
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ylem. let's. just say.


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